Mōakaaka, akaaka, akāka, māla'e, kāla'e, mālamalama.
  Also: kōnane, kōnale, mā, la'ela'e, mōla'ela'e, ho'ola'e, nōla'ela'e, kaula'ela'e, kāna'e, mōhala, mōhola, mōhalahala, aniani, aliali, ho'āliali, a'ia'i, ho'ā'ia'i, alenale, nale, molale, pualalea, kea, palakea, pa'ihi, māhelahela, 'alaneo, le'a, mā'ila, ke'o, ke'oke'o, aukahi, pāniani, miomio, hahu, pālala, molakea, pōlale, ōhāhā, palamea, maomao, mohā, mahikū, huaka.
   ♦ To clear off (as weather), mao, ho'oku'u.
   ♦ To clear, as brush, waele, wawaele, wele, welewele, welehia, kā, ho'okuakahi, kuehu, mauele, mauwele, mauwelekā, lauhu'e, kāheu.
   ♦ To clear, as the throat, pūhā, 'uhū'uhū.
   ♦ To see clearly, 'ike maopopo, maopopo ka 'ikena, 'ike le'a.
   ♦ Clearly thought, piha pono ka mana'o.
  Hale-a-ka-lā is clear, akaaka wale 'o Hale-a-ka-lā (of anything clear).

English-Hawaiian dictionary. 2015.


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